NO.1 Live Commerce Solution in Asia
All-in-One package to launch live commerce services on your own e-commerce.

Interact with consumers and experience high purchase rate with various features and advanced data analysis.
  • Engage and

    interact with your viewers
    in a variety of ways.

    SauceFlex provides a variety of ways to interact with viewers.
    Chat with customers, give notifications and use banners for customers.
    Manage malicious chatting messages

  • Seamless purchasing experience

    with PIP mode!

    SuaceFlex provides interactive shopping features like coupons
    and marketing promotion.
    Our PIP (Picture in picture) mode maximizes
    shopping expeirnce while browsing products.

  • Content Home template

    for instant content curation for users

    SauceFlex provides templates for content curation.
    Content Home template enables content recommendations for users.
    Brand customization feature for your brand concept.

  • Stream simultaneously to

    your own marketing channels!

    Delivery high-quality live video to users with your smartphone.
    You can broadcast easily and conveniently.
    Simultaneous live stream feature using upto 4 smartphones!

  • Analyze viewing data of

    your live commerce!

    Analyze viewing data such as UV, PV, viewing time,
    and purchase conversion.
    Analyze user funnels and hot products customers like.

  • Delive interactive live video utilizing

    your own smartphone!

    SauceStudio enables high-quality live transmission from your smartphone.
    Broadcasting is easy and convenient.
    SauceStudio Pro app can connect up to 4 smartphones simultaneously.

Sauce Flex,

  • Data Driven Platform
    • • Customer type and funnel analysis
    • • Customer ehavior patterns by timeline
    • • Sales performance statistics
  • Quick and easy
    • • Web-based UI template
    • • API for interworking
    • • Various customization featurs
    • • 2-3 weeks for basic integration
  • Reliability and scalability.
    • • Based on the world's largest cloud service
    • • Use the world's most played player.
    • • Fast and flexible expansion structure
  • A proven solution
    with many global cases
    • More than 50 major brands
      including Nike and eBay
PRO SauceStudio